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GD&T - GPS Trainings courses(PL/EN)
Technical drawing details - Trainings courses (PL/EN)
Gauge design - 2D/3D documentation

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Training courses:

  • GD&T - GPS in Practice
  • GD&T - GPS Design Exercises

Training course "GD&T - GPS in Practice"

Our main product is a training course about the GD&T - GPS (usage of geometrical tolerances to determine the 2D requirements). The training was developed based on the knowledge and experience of our trainer. Basing on several years of professional practice in the largest Automotive companies in Poland, he created a unique training on a national scale. As a former member of Committee No. 48 at the Polish Committee for Standardization, he had the opportunity to verify his understanding of GD&T - GPS with the greatest authorities in this part of mechanical knowledge.

The training created by MS Technical Support emphasizes the use of theory in practice. Hence many interesting and practical applications and examples. In addition, visualization of tolerance range on the real 3D prints and 3D models results in a very good understanding by trainees. The biggest advantage of the training, however, are workshops dealing with the design of measurement gauges. We assume that a valuable designer, in addition to knowledge of GD&T, is able to use this knowledge in practice by being able to design a gauge for the detail he is currently designing. Using this way, we get a combination that gives us confidence that the detail, in addition to its feasibility, can also be verified by the correct measurement in reality.

Course outline:

1. GD&T vs GPS
5. TRANSITION between 2D linear dimensioning and GD&T way of dimensioning   
7. CMM MEASUREMENT - details
8. POSITION SPECIFICATION - further details
10. 2D CUSTOMER STUDY - open discussion with training participants
11. GAUGE DESIGN METHODOLOGY theory and exercises included

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Training course "GD&T - GPS Design Exercises"

The training course was created as a continuation of the basic training on GD&T. However, it has been developed for the customer expecting workshops on the design of gauges and the use of geometric tolerances in mechanical design solutions. Hence, the training focuses on tolerances and datum systems, which are then used to proceed with correct 2D documentation.

During the training, training participants deal with the exercises and at the end of their work, they can verify their own assumptions during an open discussion with the group.

The end of each exercise contains an additional visualization of the tolerance ranges, which let's to consolidate the gained knowledge.

Mentoned visualizations above are based on the 3D models, 3D prints and flipchart sketches.

Course outline:

1. POSITION SPECIFICATION - pattern and combined specification

2. RECIPROCITY REQUIREMENT - supplement to maximum material condition
3. LMC (least material condition)
4. DESIGN SET NO.1 - position specification, maximum material condition
5. DESIGN SET NO.2 - position specification, least material condition
6. DESIGN SET NO.3 - pattern and combined specification
7. DESIGN SET NO.4 - surface profile specification
8. GO - NO GO GAUGE - different design approaches
9. FUNCTIONAL GAUGE - different design approaches
11. CURRENT ISO NORMATIVE REFERENCES vs customer 2D documentation

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As a professionally active designer, I have been dealing with GD&T for over 15 years. I have created a training, which on the one hand is a summary of the most important information about GD&T - GPS, and on the other hand, answers all the questions I have researched myself developing the topic of geometric specifications.

My training contains a number of exercises and issues that deal with topics requested by the modern automotive industry. I refer to the problems of a designer who is designing a specific detail, a metrology engineer conducting measurement and a quality engineer controlling the quality of the produced finished goods. 

The training itself is a mixture of the most important theories, exercises, and workshops.
All information is provided in the way of interesting engineering discussions. During the training, we solve the technical issues one by one.

I would like to invite you to participate in my trainings.
Michał Sieradzki


The company deals with support for automotive companies in a broad sense. As support we mean GD&T - GPS training and CAD design support (gauge designs, plastic detail designs, component assemblies).
Due to the structure of our company, we can offer you a nice price offer with a very high level of training.
Our engineering staff, in addition to thorough theoretical preparation confirmed by certificates, has many years of professional experience.


For all our customers interested in the quality of our services, we send an email with all the sufficient information included.

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